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The only way to change our country is through efforts of people like you registering new voters, organizing communities, and getting out the vote on Election Day.

Register to Vote

To be eligible to vote, you must be a U.S. citizen. In most states, you must be 18 years old to vote. For additional information about state-specific requirements and voter eligibility, contact your state election office.

Attend Event

Town Hall Meetings, Candidate Forums, Debates, and News Conferences are great places for activism. Get involved today & attend a political event in your community.


VoteManagers will organize a grassroots approach to harness the capability of a social movement campaign by training new volunteer leaders and by involving new volunteer activists. Leadership development brings focus to a campaign and is key to expanding its reach. Leaders will learn a variety of skills, such as developing flyers, call centers management, organizing meetings, and communicating the Message of the Campaign. The volunteer leaders learn how to be organizers: they learn how to focus on an issue, run a campaign, and how to train new leaders.
Since the power of a grassroots campaign lies in organizing everyday people, it is necessary to mobilize large numbers of people. A volunteer group of five people (well-trained by may be able to reach 5,000 people in a week by putting up posters, sending e-mails, or making phone calls. Larger organizations can reach hundreds of thousands or even millions people with the right strategy.
Effective grassroots campaigns are composed of a myriad of elements, but the most crucial by far are the actual people who advocate on the issues. All of the planning and researching in the world is useless without properly trained people to present the message passionately.
• Door-to-door, also known as canvassing
• Phone banking
• House parties
• Meetings
• Putting up posters
• Talking with pedestrians on the street (often involving informational clipboards)
• Gathering signatures for petitions
• Setting up information tables
• Raising money from many small donors for political advertising or campaigns
• Organizing large demonstrations
• Get out the vote activities which includes the practices of reminding people to vote and/or transporting them to polling places.

What We Do

We work with 30 campaigns a year and tailor our multi-faceted strategies to winning campaigns.

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We design and help implement campaign strategies that include: press conferences, call centers, telephone fundraising, polling, data management and analysis, software, and donor relations. We offer at most levels of operation a range of strategy and core fundraising consultancy. Our consultants have raised millions for campaigns as well as non-profit groups. We provide valuable services that have enhanced the profiles and capabilities of our clients.


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The narrowcasting of election campaigns on precisely targeted voters and the disparities in government representation stem from important changes in the incentive structure of American politics. For ambitious politicians, their primary focus is on avoiding the costs associated with compromising the core policy goals that are intensely supported by party activists, campaign contributors, and interest groups. To avoid the risk of electoral punishment, they turn to polls to craft appealing campaign messages and to microtarget voters.

Campaign Objectives

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Minimally defined, a campaign is the period right before citizens make a real political choice. This common knowledge typically heightens citizens' attention to politics in direct relation to the proximity of the event. Concomitantly, campaign activity is more likely to register on voters' minds as Election Day draws near. Thus there is an interaction between campaign effort and the approaching "deadline" of Election Day.

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We begin by delineating the institutional conditions. Usually, if the following are true, a campaign is under way: The date of the election is known. The identity of the candidates is known. Candidates are available to spend virtually all of their time getting (re)elected. Certain actions that are normally unregulated are now regulated and, in some cases, forbidden—for example, fund-raising and spending.

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Political Campaign Calling


Vote Managers will give your political campaign the targeted voter data it needs to win elections.

  • Political Polling Automated Calls
  • Campaign Fundraising Robo Calls
  • Persuasion Voice Broadcast Calls
  • Public Opinion Polling Calls for Statistical Analysis
  • "Get Out the Vote" (GOTV) Robo Calls
  • Reminder GOTV Calls
  • Persuasion (Push) Polling Automated Calls
  • Volunteer Notification Robo Calling
  • Event Notification Calling
  • "Press 1″ Call Transfer Technology
  • Call Transferring to Live Operator
  • Call Recipient Voice Capture

We will tailor a working strategy to fit your budget for your political campaign.